From the very beginning of creation God has been offering us his love and mercy. Jesus, the Son of God, is indeed the Face of Mercy. The way Jesus treated people when he was on earth, as recorded in the Gospels, reveals to us the very gentle and compassionate way in which God calls to each of us and all of us to love and follow him. 

When we have strayed, and when we return, God is there with open arms to receive us home. Jesus has an intense desire to show us his love and compassion. When we have done something that is weighing heavily upon us we can take a moment, turn to the Lord, and be candid with him. “Lord,” we can say, “I trust in your mercy and love. I trust that you will give me the strength I need to open my heart to you and begin anew.” 

Confession can be a consistent stepping stone to personal transformation if we ask ourselves: What is God doing in my life? What am I doing that “seconds” his action, and how am I resisting God’s invitation? These reflections will help us to recognize what it is that keeps us from being like Jesus. Going to the sacrament of reconciliation strengthens, clarifies, and opens the way before us for new life. Every celebration of the sacrament invites us to progress in virtue. God is recreating us. Over time we mature in how we approach this sacrament. Frequent reception of the sacrament of Reconciliation makes it easier to live the Christian virtues and helps us to avoid sin. Why? Because each time we receive a sacrament, we receive an infusion of grace. We receive this gift through the merits of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection to new life. His redeeming act was not just for one time only but we continue to reap and enjoy the benefits of his mercy each time we turn to him. To access this free guide to confession, please click below.

Each confession is not an end but a beginning... It is an invitation to better know the mercy, kindness, and love of Jesus. 

Yes, Lord, this is what I want… for you to walk beside me each day as my guide, my friend and my comforter. Let me believe in your absolute forgiveness when I stray from the virtuous path. Let me believe that you want me to be at peace in my heart and with others. Let me believe that yours is a love without limits … freely given … no strings attached! 

Let me listen to your words, Jesus, and ponder the depths of your love: “As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love” (John 15:9).

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